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Cachet Cash terms and conditions

Cachet Cash terms and conditions

Cachet Cash terms and conditions

Version 1 – 11.02.2022

  1. Introduction
    1. The aim of “Cachet Cash” is to simplify the billing of customers through virtual currency and to offer benefits on the Cachet.me platform. 
    2. “Cachet Cash” is managed by Cachet OÜ, registry code: 14560702, address: Tatari 64, Tallinn 10134 (hereinafter referred to as “Cachet”).
    3. “Cachet Cash” is valid on the Cachet.me platform and in the mobile application. 
    4. A Customer is a person who is a user of Cachet.me. The Cachet.me account can be held by a private person and a company.
    5. “Cachet Cash” discounts are not available to companies that purchase services for vehicle fleets through the Cachet.me platform.
    6. “Cachet Cash” benefits cannot be used between companies related to the customer.
    7. “Cachet Cash” is valid until Cachet has not given notice of its expiry.
  2. “Cachet Cash”
    1. “Cachet Cash” is a currency that can be used to purchase services on the Cachet.me platform.
    2. One (1) unit of “Cachet Cash” is equal to one (1) euro or the equivalent currency of a local country.
    3. “Cachet Cash” consists of two levels: a currency that is earned as a reward through the Cachet.me platform and a currency that is used as a prepayment to facilitate settlement between the Customer and Cachet. Both are equivalent in terms of purchase value, but the “Cachet Cash” received as a reward is subject to specific terms and conditions, which are published on the Cachet.me platform.
    4. “Cachet Cash” is personal and cannot be transferred to a third party. Also, “Cachet Cash” cannot be exchanged between a personal and a company account, if the Customer uses both accounts on Cachet.me.
    5. “Cachet Cash” is stored and displayed in the Customer’s digital wallet on the Cachet.me platform.
  3. “Cachet Cash” digital wallet
    1. Upon becoming a customer of the Cachet.me platform, a “Cachet Cash” digital wallet will be opened by default for the Customer. The digital wallet will be subject to these Terms and Conditions.
    2. When logging into the Cachet.me platform, the Customer can see their “Cachet Cash” balance.
    3. The amount of “Cachet Cash” in the account is the currency that the Customer can use to apply discounts on services offered through the Cachet.me platform and to make payments in case of advance payment.
  4. Collecting “Cachet Cash”
    1. Cachet customers can earn reward points for using the services, recommending Cachet to friends or other promotions, which are converted into “Cachet Cash” currency.
    2. Cachet will always transfer the amount to be refunded to the Customer for quick settlement (e.g., cash back due to a change of service, cancellation, etc.) to the Customer’s digital wallet first, where it will be displayed as “Cachet Cash”. The “Cachet Cash” can then be used immediately to purchase a new insurance policy or other service. In this case, 1 EUR = 1 Cachet Cash.
    3. The Customer may also receive “Cachet Cash” based on a unilateral declaration of intent by Cachet.
  5. Use of “Cachet Cash”
    1. “Cachet Cash” is the currency that the Customer can use to apply discounts for services offered through the Cachet.me platform and to make payments in case of advance payment.
    2. “Cachet Cash” can be used in the purchase of services in the Cachet.me platform, where in the payment step you can select the option – “use Cachet Cash”.
    3. When paying for services, the use of “Cachet Cash” will be reflected on the invoice, e.g., as a discount on insurance premiums.
    4. When paying for services, the balance of the prepayment is used first and then the “Cachet Cash” reward points.
    5. The Customer can use the earliest collected reward points first.
    6. If “Cachet Cash” has been credited in relation to an advance payment made by the Customer in accordance with Clause 4.2, the same amount can be transferred to the Customer’s bank account upon the Customer’s request.
    7. Reward points converted into “Cachet Cash” cannot be converted into cash, cryptocurrency, or any other current asset or its equivalent.
    8. Cachet Cash earned from the reward points has an expiry date. Once the expiry date has passed, the reward points can no longer be used.
    9. If the Customer has used the “Cachet Cash” to apply discount on a service, the corresponding amount will be removed from the Customer’s digital wallet and the Customer will not be able to use it to apply for a new discount. If the Customer uses the “Cachet Cash” to partially apply a discount, the “Cachet Cash” that is unused will be retained and can be used as a discount on the next purchase.
    10. “Cachet Cash” reward points cannot be used to settle debts.
  6. Collection and use of “Cachet Cash” in connection with entering into an insurance contract
    1. The Customer may use “Cachet Cash” to obtain discounts for insurance contracts offered through an insurance broker on the Cachet.me platform. The insurance broker service on the Cachet.me platform is provided by Cachet Insurance Broker OÜ, registry code: 14920263, address: Kohtu 2-21, 10130 Tallinn, e-mail info@cachet.me (hereinafter referred to as Insurance Broker). The terms and conditions of the brokerage agreement are available on the Cachet.me platform. Cachet, as the owner and administrator of the Cachet.me platform, does not provide insurance brokerage services.
    2. If the Customer wishes to use “Cachet Cash” to obtain a discounts on the insurance policy, the Insurance Broker will grant the Customer a discount up to the amount of “Cachet Cash”.
    3. The Customer may use “Cachet Cash” to apply the discount on the insurance contract fee, provided that the Customer has a sufficient amount of “Cachet Cash” in their digital wallet. The collection and use of “Cachet Cash” is displayed in the Customers digital wallet. “Cachet Cash” can be deducted from the cost of the insurance contract once the Insurance Broker has ascertained the Customer’s interest in insurance and the Customer has selected a suitable insurance product. When paying for the insurance contract, the use of “Cachet Cash” is displayed on the invoice as a discount or prepayment.
  7. Other terms and conditions of “Cachet Cash”
    1. Cachet reserves the right to change the terms and conditions of the promotion by giving at least 10 (ten) calendar days’ notice to the Customers via the Cachet.me platform. Regardless of the changes of the terms and conditions, Cachet will ensure the use of the “Cachet Cash” collected by the Customers to apply the discount for a period of up to 6 (six) months from the end of the campaign.
    2. Cachet reserves the right to suspend or terminate the Customer’s rights to use “Cachet Cash” if the Customer breaches the Cachet.me User Agreement, the Insurance Brokerage Agreement, the terms and conditions of “Cachet Cash” and its sub-programs, good practice or acts unlawfully or maliciously.
    3. Cachet does not provide the Customer with any benefits not specified in the Terms and Conditions of “Cachet Cash”.
  8. Processing of personal data
    1. Cachet processes the Customer’s personal data in accordance with the Cachet.me personal data processing rules published on Cachet.me platform.
    2. Cookies are used for electronic invitations on the Cachet.me platform. When the Customer sends an invitation to a friend to join the Cachet.me platform and the friend opens the invitation, cookies are stored on the friend’s device, which are deleted within 30 (thirty) days.

Refer a friend/Friend to friend program

The Customer can recommend Cachet.me services to third parties, which are referred to in the Terms and Conditions of this program as – “friend”.

  1. The Customer can invite friends to join the Cachet.me platform by sending an electronic invitation to a friend via the Cachet.me platform. The friend can create a Cachet.me account and purchase services on Cachet.me.
  2. If the friend, who does not yet have a Cachet.me account, joins Cachet.me using the invitation received from the Customer and purchases services (e.g., takes out an insurance policy), the Customer who has referred a friend to Cachet.me will earn 5 (five) units of “Cachet Cash”. If a friend creates a Cachet.me account but does not purchase any services, the Customer will not receive any reward points.
  3. Each new customer invited by the Cachet.me Customer will earn 5 (five) Cachet Units if they have joined the Cachet.me platform using the invitation of an existing customer.
  4. Cachet and the Insurance Broker do not contact friends of the Customer on their own initiative and do not store their data if the friend has not used the Cachet.me platform.
  5. The Customer must not give false information to a friend about the Terms and Conditions of the program, including the collection and use of “Cachet Cash”.
  6. The decision to introduce a friend to the Cachet.me platform, its services and to send an invitation to them is made by the Customer of their own free will and does not constitute a marketing offer by Cachet or the Insurance Broker, notwithstanding that the Customer uses the Cachet.me electronic form and address to send the invitation. The Customer does not provide marketing services to Cachet or the Insurance Broker.
  7. The Customer may not impose additional conditions on friends or oblige them to enter into an insurance contract. The use of the services offered by Cachet.me is at the discretion of the individual.
  8. The Customer must not give the impression to friends or the public that they are an insurance intermediary or a representative of the Insurance Broker.
  9. The Customer may not disclose an electronic invitation to a person whom they do not wish to invite to use the services of the Cachet.me platform. Inter alia, it is not allowed to publicly advertise the Cachet.me platform and the services mediated in it, nor to distribute the electronic invitation in forums, comment boards, websites, social media, etc., which are open to the public (public sharing and advertising does not include sending an electronic invitation on personal websites, blogs, personal Facebook pages, non-public social media groups, etc.).

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