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Our story

Our story

Data does insurance


We stand for fair insurance for cars and drivers. And bikes, scooters, and riders. Especially when they’re in the gig economy (a.k.a. the platform/sharing economy).
Traditional insurance doesn’t really fit couriers, delivery drivers, or app taxis.
Gig workers’ circumstances vary wildly: schedules, mileage, driving habits. They need insurance that’s smart, fair, flexible, and truly personal.
Our technology aggregates and analyses data to find personal patterns of behaviour.
This creates a Cachet Score that delivers a quick and fair insurance rate. One that reflects real vehicle use and rewards good habits.
Our technology and the Cachet Score aren’t limited to insurance.
One day, they may help users get a fair smart bank loan. And other things, depending on how and where people of the gig want their data to be used.
Features & nominations
Selected for DIA Top 100 InsurTechs 2019
Hidden Treasure in Extended FinTech category
Baltic Fintech Startups 
to Watch in 2020
Techstars Barclays London Accelerator 2020
Early Metrics 2020
Plug And Play Insurtech Finalist 2021
Insurtech 100 2021
MyData Global


In 2018, Hedi Mardisoo and Kalle Palling were puzzled. The sharing economy was shaking up the world of work. Every industry was being personalised. But insurers didn’t seem to get the memo. By September that year, Cachet was in motion.

One more thing. Fair insurance rates are great for gig workers. Progressive insurers now get and respect them. But it gets better. With each new customer with a Cachet Score, there’s less inequity and more trust and loyalty in the gig economy itself. We think it’s the only way the future of work can live up to its promise.
But what about people with regular jobs? Exactly. We’re working on making fair and data-driven insurance accessible to everyone. It’ll happen. And it’ll be a very good day.

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