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Courier Motor insurance

Courier motor insurance

It’s a form of compulsory liability insurance for those who use their car for courier services. While regular motor insurance is only for regular use, this version covers that but also accommodates the higher risks of courier work.

Why get courier motor insurance from Cachet?

Quotes from a range of insurance firms, so you can pick the one that suits you best.

Not making deliveries? Worry not. Your private rides are covered by the same policy.

All policies, claims, and other docs are safe and easily accessible in your digital wallet.

Instant proof of insurance (a.k.a. the green card) by email. Don’t camp by the postbox.

The policy covers the entire EU and a few others. Be sure to check the exceptions.

Insurance paperwork needs no paper to work. File your claim in our app instead.

This insurance is for you if ...

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more assistance, contact our help center. Let’s get your issue sorted.

If insured for regular usage, the vehicle must not be used for providing rental, taxi, courier, alarm, security, ride-sharing, or driver instruction services. If you intend to use the vehicle for such services, you must specify the corresponding usage in the insurance contract.

No. Our courier MTPL insurance covers your everyday drives as well. One policy is all you need.

You can easily modify your insurance contract at Cachet website. Just make a modification request and your coverage will be switched to regular use.

One app, one place for all your insurance stuff

Get the Cachet app to buy, track and renew your policies. File claims here as well, just like insurance gods intended.

Leave fire hoops to the circus. Access your data like a normal person.

Personalised insurance leans on learning about your lifestyle and track record on the road. It’s how we ensure that you’re not slapped with unfair premiums.

Yes, insurers have always kept records to assess your risk. But Cachet does it to serve you. Inspired by the platform economy, we provide new and flexible kinds of coverage. And no hocus-pocus with customer data. You can easily check what we know about you under your account. Transparency, not hoops.

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