Delivery Rider insurance
however you move, you're still insured

Delivery rider insurance
however you move, you're still insured

Delivery rider insurance
however you move, you're still insured

Valid for bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, electric bicycles and skateboards.
The City Rider insurance covers injuries you yourself may suffer when riding around as well as damage you cause to others
You’re insured when riding with your own personal city rider or a rented one
You can insure your whole family with one policy

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I take responsibility

€14.85 / month

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I take responsibility

14.85 € / month

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What is insured?

If you get hurt

If you get into an accident, the insurance will pay you an indemnity for your pain and suffering, the sum of which is calculated as a percentage of the sum insured.  The indemnity for pain and suffering is calculated as per the ‘Health damage indemnity chart’.

This way you can also ask for compensation for medical expenses amounting up to €1,000, which are not reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund. This compensation can be used to cover rehabilitation aids, orthoses, physiotherapy or dental injury treatment. The deductible for accident insurance is €0.

Olev performed a dangerous manoeuvre to avoid a collision, fell and broke his humerus. The insurance pays him a 400 EUR indemnity for pain and suffering. The purchase of orthosis is also compensated to Olev. And he requires physiotherapy after a long time in a fixed position, which is also reimbursable.
Taavi caused an accident while riding a bicycle, in the course of which he dented a car and scratched its front fender and its door. Since the car does not have casco insurance, the car owner demands 1,800 EUR from taavi for repair costs. Fortunately, Taavi has the City Rider insurance, which means he does not have to pay the full amount himself, only the 150 EUR deductible.

If you cause damage to others

Insurance helps to compensate for the damage you’ve caused to third parties when using a city rider. Among other things, the insurance also covers damage caused to rented city riders. For liability insurance, the maximum sum insured depends on the selected package. The Delivery Rider insurance works similarly to the compulsory motor third party liability insurance. The Delivery Rider insurance covers both personal injury and property damage. The deductible for liability insurance is €150.

You can find more details in the insurance terms and conditions and the insurance provider’s information sheet.

Frequently Asked Questions

City riders are bicycles and electric rideables (e-scooters, self-balancing scooters) as well as ordinary scooters and skateboards.

The insurance applies if you use roads meant for travelling and follow the traffic laws. The accident has to occur during the use of the city rider.


The insurance does not apply:


  • – If you take part in a sports competition or practice extreme sports.
  • – If you were not the only person on the city rider at the time of the accident.
  • – If the driver of the city rider was drunk while driving.


The insurance does not cover recurrent injuries or injuries due to an illness, nor does it cover accidents that happened before the insurance period.

The insurance helps to cover the damage you have caused to third parties while riding with a city rider. The insurance also covers damage caused to rented city riders. For liability insurance, the maximum sum insured depends on the package you have chosen.


Personal injury is damage caused by damage to health, bodily injury or death.


Property damage is damage caused by damage to or destruction of a thing. Damage caused to a rented city rider is also considered property damage.

If you choose a package that includes accident insurance, then insurance is valid if you injure yourself while riding a city rider. It also covers children up to 2 year of age riding in the child bike seat with their parents.


If you suffer a temporary injury as a result of an accident and the treatment lasts for at least six consecutive calendar days, the insurance will pay an indemnity for pain and suffering. The duration of the treatment has to be confirmed by the treating physician. An indemnity payment is a one-time compensation payment, calculated as a certain percentage of the sum insured. The amount of the indemnity is determined as per the ‘Indemnity chart’.


If you have chosen the package ‘I care about others and look after myself’ and should need health care services which are not reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund to recover from an injury after an accident, the insurance will pay up to 1,000 € to cover medical expenses.


If the insured person does not have the mandatory Estonian health insurance, the indemnity is calculated in a similar way as for a person covered by the mandatory health insurance. Costs covered include emergency examinations and treatment, treatment of dental injuries resulting from the accident, physiotherapy, massage and rehabilitation, purchase of aiding medical equipment.

  • – the insured person must only ride in places prescribed by law;
  • – the insured person must not exceed the maximum legal speed;
  • – if the insured person is under 16 years of age, they must wear a properly fastened helmet;
  • – the insured person must not transport objects which obstruct driving or pose a risk to other road users;
  • – the insured person must not carry a passenger if the passenger is not seated in the passenger seat or if the vehicle is not designed for carrying passengers (e.g. electric rideables are designed to carry one person);
  • – the insured person must obey traffic rules.

If you get into an accident and someone gets hurt, call 112 for help.


If the accident has damaged someone’s property (including a vehicle) and the involved parties disagree about liability or if it is not known who suffered the damage (e.g. the owner of the damaged property is not at the scene of the accident), the police must be informed of the accident and you have to follow the instructions given by the police.


If possible, take pictures of the scene, the damage and the documents of the involved persons. If other persons were involved in the accident, write down the circumstances of the event and the contact details of the persons at the scene. 


Remember to ask for a medical history when you go to the doctor and keep copies of bills and other receipts when you pay for treatment.


If you have caused damage to a third party, the person who has suffered the damage must submit a written claim for damages together with documents proving the amount of the damage.


File an insurance claim as soon as possible at www.cachet.me and attach all relevant documents (photos, agreements drawn up at the scene, all expense receipts, a written claim for damages by the party suffering damages, a medical history/epicrisis in case of personal injury, etc.).

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