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Cachet Cash

Cachet cash

The easiest way to manage your


Cachet Cash greatly simplifies billing and payments on your account. It makes managing your funds easy with seamless payouts and refunds.
How does Cachet Cash work?
No one likes confusing transactions and funds scattered all over the place. Cachet Cash is a wallet for all your credits, rewards, and bonuses. Use it to manage policies, process payments, and collect bonuses.
Paying with Cachet Cash is a breeze
When making a purchase, use your available Cachet Cash before other payment methods. Simply opt in during checkout. For existing products, our automated billing system always prioritises your Cachet Cash.
Can I withdraw Cachet Cash?
In many cases, yes. You can freely withdraw credits, bonuses, or refunds. Note that bonuses awarded during campaigns are generally non-withdrawable.
How can I earn more Cachet Cash?

We regularly run campaigns for both new and current customers. Keep an eye on the offers. And of course, we encourage you to use our referral program to earn bonus cash.

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