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City Rider insurance

City Rider insurance

There are plenty of ways to get your wheels on the road without being a driver or motorist. Cyclists, scooterists, skateboarders, and the odd unicyclist, we’re talking to you. Doesn’t matter if it’s electricity or muscle power that does the hard work. This is the insurance you want.

Why get City Rider insurance from Cachet?

Covers rides with bicycles, scooters, electric scooters, electric bicycles, and skateboards of all kinds. Cargo bikes, too, with some exclusions.

You’re insuring yourself, not the wheels. Whether you ride your personal (micro)mobility device or a rented one, you’re covered.

Depending on the package you choose, City Rider Insurance covers damage and injuries to others, as well as your own riding injuries.

Your coverage travels with you. Ride across Europe, safe in the knowledge that City Rider Insurance has your back.

This insurance is for you if ...

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Just them, thanks

€5.90 per month

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We’re all covered

€8.9 per month

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Responsibility Gold

€9.9 per month

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One app, one place for all your insurance stuff

Get the Cachet app to buy, track and renew your policies. File claims here as well, just like insurance gods intended.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more assistance, contact our help center. Let’s get your issue sorted.

City riders are bicycles and electric rideables (e-scooters, self-balancing scooters) as well as ordinary scooters and skateboards.

You’re fine if you use regular roads and follow traffic laws. The accident has to occur while using the city rider.

You’re out of luck if:
You take part in a sports competition or practice extreme sports.

You were not the only person on the city rider when the accident happened.

The driver of the city rider was drunk while driving.


Insurance does not cover recurrent injuries or injuries due to an illness, nor does it cover accidents that happened before the insurance period.

City Rider insurance helps to cover the damage you caused to third parties while using a city rider. It also covers damage to rented city riders. For liability insurance, the maximum insured sum depends on your chosen insurance package.

Personal injury is damage to health, bodily injury, or death.

Property damage is damage to or destruction of a thing. Damage caused to a rented city rider also falls under this.

If your chosen package includes accident insurance, then insurance covers injuries to yourself while riding a city rider. It also covers children up to two years of age, if they were in the child bike seat while riding with their parents.

If you suffer a temporary injury as a result of an accident and treatment lasts for at least six consecutive days, insurance will pay an indemnity for pain and suffering. Treatment duration must be confirmed by the physician who treats you. An indemnity payment is one-time compensation, calculated as a certain percentage of the sum insured. The amount is determined as per the ‘Indemnity chart’.

If you have the “I care about others and look after myself” package and need care that is not reimbursed by the Estonian Health Insurance Fund to recover from an injury after an accident, insurance will cover up to 1,000 euros in medical expenses.

If the insured person does not have mandatory Estonian health insurance, the indemnity calculation is similar to someone who does have it. Costs covered include emergency examinations and treatment, treatment of dental injuries resulting from the accident, physiotherapy, massage and rehabilitation, purchase of aiding medical equipment.

Only ride in places prescribed by law.

Obey traffic rules.

Don’t break the legal speed limit.

If you’re under 16 years of age, you must wear a properly fastened helmet.

Don’t transport objects that obstruct driving or pose a risk to other road users.

Don’t carry a passenger if they’re not seated in the passenger seat or if the vehicle is not designed for carrying passengers (e.g. electric rideables).

File an insurance claim on the Cachet app or website. If you’re logged in you can easily find a “file a claim” feature where you can digitally leave the necessary details. We’ll automatically forward this to the insurance company on your behalf.

Leave fire hoops to the circus. Access your data like a normal person.

Personalised insurance leans on learning about your lifestyle and track record on the road. It’s how we ensure that you’re not slapped with unfair premiums.

Yes, insurers have always kept records to assess your risk. But Cachet does it to serve you. Inspired by the platform economy, we provide new and flexible kinds of coverage. And no hocus-pocus with customer data. You can easily check what we know about you under your account. Transparency, not hoops.

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