Traffic insurance for app taxi drivers

Custom traffic insurance custom solution for app taxi drivers. Your insurance price depends on the driving hours and the region where you fulfill orders.

You can pay for a yearly policy in monthly payments.

Pay less if you drive less!

Traditionally, insurance providers don’t care how many hours you drive – you will always pay for full price no matter what!
With Cachet you only pay apptaxi insurance for the hours you actually provide service.

Insurance for ride-hailing drivers is special because...

Kaotasin pandeemia ajal töö ja mõtlesin proovida Bolti sõita. Algul hirmutasid kõik lisakulud ära aga mulle soovitati cachest kindlustust vaadata. Sain super lahenduse, pea kaks korda soodsamalt.

Leo – Sõidab 15 tundi nädalas

All policies in one place.

With Cachet you can find all of your policies within a few clicks. No need to search your email archives.

Easiest claim reporting.

Forget about papers. You can easily file a claim from the Cachet app in a few minutes.

We will keep your insurance up to date.

With automatic payments and renewals you don’t have to worry. Your car is always insured.

Filing a claim

Traffic accidents happen. Stay calm. They happen even to the best of us.
If it’s just a small bump, as most traffic accidents are, the parties simply come to an agreement about what happened and document it.

1. Take photos

Take pictures of the accident site and the damage done to the vehicles from as many angles as needed.

2. Draw a schematic

Draw a sketch of the circumstances of the accident and take a picture of the sketch as well.

3. All parties sign the report

Fill in the required fields on Cachet’s website, send the report to the other party for signing and then sign it yourself as well.

4. Send the repot to the insurance company

Once it has been digitally signed, forward your report along with the photos, the sketch, and other relevant information to the insurance company, and you’re done!


Cachet counts your driving hours from the moment you accept the order until the order is completed. The hours from all your orders, regardless of which platform you worked with, are put together. The time which you were active on the platform but were not fulfilling actual orders is not counted.

App taxi insurance hourly limit is set in order to accurately measure the risks that arise when offering taxi services. If you exceed the agreed limit, Cachet will send you an automatic email notification. If you exceed your limit multiple times, Cachet has the right to terminate your policy. In that case, we will notify you.

If you would like to drive less or drive more in the future, you can send us a policy modification request through the dashboard. In that case, we will terminate your current policy and create a new one with the requested hour limit. You will not have any financial obligations as a result of the change. We will refund the money left from your old policy, but if you pay in monthly installments, you can stop paying for next installments.

Cachet app taxi traffic and Casco insurance will cover both taxi driving and your personal driving. You do not have to buy an extra policy for your personal driving.

With Cachet, you are always  insured.

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