Traffic insurance for ride-hailing drivers

This is a two-in-one solution for you. You pay for the insurance based on how you use your car. Taxi insurance applies when you operate as a ride-hailing driver and regular insurance applies during personal use of the car.


Insurance for ride-hailing drivers is special because...

  • … it is the only insurance in Estonia that considers your driving schedule. It takes into account details.
  • … go ahead and apply for a taxi driver’s service provider card, it does not affect the insurance premium you pay through Cachet in any way.
  • … you pay the higher taxi insurance rate only for the hours you actually spend providing the ride-hailing service.
  • … regular insurance premium applies during personal use.

Cachet’s minimum traffic insurance coverage period for ride-hailing drivers is 1 month and maximum is 12 months.

Filing a claim

A traffic accident happens. Stay calm. It happens even to the best of us.
If it’s just a small bump, as most traffic accidents are, the parties simply come to an agreement about what happened and document it.

Step image

1. Make photos

Take pictures of the accident site and the damage done to the vehicles from as many angles as possible, if necessary.

Step image

2. Draw a scheme

Draw a sketch of the circumstances of the accident and take a picture of the sketch as well.

Step image

3. All parties sign the report

Fill in the required fields on Cachet’s website, send the report to the other party for signing and then sign it yourself as well.

Step image

4. Send to insurance company

Once it has been digitally signed, your report along with the photos, the sketch and other relevant information is forwarded to the insurance company, and you’re done!


Pay only for the time that you actually spend driving.