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Would you like to start paying about three times less for your ride-hailing insurance than you currently do? Pay only for the time that you actually spend driving, regardless of the platform that you use.

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Cachet is quick and digital.

It considers your lifestyle and driving schedule. We offer traffic and casco insurance for ride-hailers and private vehicles. Take control of your insurance and understand how much and what you are paying for. Damage reports can be submitted conveniently through our website.


Traffic insurance

Cachet catapults you closer to personalised insurance.

Once you log in, you immediately see an overview of your insurance history. You can also see when you move from one country to another or when you change your insurance carrier at any point.

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Everything is handled digitally as easily as one-two-three.


Create an account and enter your vehicle registration number.


Give Cachet permission to access data related to provision of ride-hailing service and we’ll count up your working hours. That’s how you get a fairly priced insurance deal.


Simply pick an insurance policy for a price that will surely make you flash an even bigger smile at your clients.

We are always here for you. Always.

If you have any questions or if you need help, do not hesitate to get in touch with us. We are your support team so that you can take care of your rides with peace of mind.

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