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Traffic insurance

Motor insurance

Also called traffic insurance, it’s formally known as motor third-party liability insurance (Motor TPL). This insurance is compulsory for all cars and other motor vehicles on the road. If you cause an accident, it covers possible damage to other vehicles, people, and property.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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Motor third party liability insurance is a compulsory cover for when you cause harm to others with your vehicle and incur liability towards them. MTPL compensates for the damage caused to the environment, other vehicles, or the property or health of others in case of an accident. It does not compensate for the damage caused to your own car or property.

Yes. All vehicles must have it. There are only a few exceptions, outlined in the Motor Insurance Act. (A regular vehicle does not fall under these exceptions.) In the event of a traffic accident, the repair costs of the other person’s vehicle, or its market value if the vehicle is totaled, as well as damage to the health or property of the other person(s) will be compensated.

The obligation to insure the vehicle lies with the person who is registered as the owner of the vehicle in the traffic register. However, if an authorized user is appointed upon registration, the responsibility lies with the authorized user.

Depends on the country of destination. Before traveling abroad by car, check if your MTPL is valid in the countries you’ll be visiting. Be sure to keep the motor insurance policy and the so-called green card on your phone or print them out to prove their validity upon request. It is mandatory to have a green card outside of the European Economic Area. You can get it for free

Typically, MTPL remains valid throughout the entire contract period, but the contract may terminate before its term in some special cases. Special cases may include the following:

  – The vehicle is removed from the traffic register (even temporarily)
  – Owner or authorized user changes and the new owner or authorized user enters into a contract with another insurer
  – Insurance premium is not paid
  – Vehicle is stolen
  – Vehicle is destroyed
  – Vehicle cannot be used for technical reasons
  – Contract expires

If you want to terminate the motor insurance contract of the vehicle that’s being sold and get a refund for the unused portion of the contract, you must submit a corresponding application to the insurer before re-registering the vehicle. If a vehicle with valid motor insurance has already been transferred to a new owner’s name, the insurance premium can no longer be refunded to the former owner.

You can contact your insurance company. However, you as the injured party can always turn to Cachet for initial advice, regardless of where the at-fault vehicle is insured.

MTPL covers the victim’s medical expenses, including rehabilitation and medication costs. It also covers the medical expenses of the driver who caused the accident at a health facility.

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