Casco insurance for app taxi drivers

Our Casco insurance is tailored for app taxi drivers. The price depends on the hours and area where you usually provide your service. Casco insurance makes sure that if anything unexpected happens, your car damages are covered.

Insurance for app taxi drivers is special because...

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Cachet counts your driving hours from the moment you accept the order until the order is completed. The hours from all your orders, regardless of which platform you worked with, are put together. The time which you were active on the platform but were not fulfilling actual orders is not counted.

App taxi insurance hourly limit is set in order to accurately measure the risks that arise when offering taxi services. If you exceed the agreed limit, Cachet will send you an automatic email notification. If you exceed your limit multiple times, Cachet has the right to terminate your policy. In that case, we will notify you.

If you would like to drive less or drive more in the future, you can send us a policy modification request through the dashboard. In that case, we will terminate your current policy and create a new one with the requested hour limit. You will not have any financial obligations as a result of the change. We will refund the money left from your old policy, but if you pay in monthly installments, you can stop paying for next installments.

Cachet app taxi traffic and Casco insurance will cover both taxi driving and your personal driving. You do not have to buy an extra policy for your personal driving.

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