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Building the future of insurance,

Cachet is building smart, flexible, and fair insurance products for the platform/sharing economy. We’ll leave no gig worker, freelancer, or business behind. What’s more, each customer has full transparency into the records we keep about them. If you’d like to help this boat go faster, come join us.
Our values
Being approachable means we are easy to talk to and clear, transparent, and honest in our communication. We strive to create trust through our actions, by the way we communicate, and by the clarity of our vision and purpose.
Cachet is a purpose-driven company that works hard and smart to succeed. We value curiosity, out of the box thinking and even swimming against the tide, if needed, to reach our purpose.
Equity is a word similar to Cachet – infrequently used but with a deep meaning. We are committed to equity in all aspects of what we do. We are building Cachet based on the core principles of equal opportunity and professionalism.

Current openings

Role Team Location
Estonia / Remote
Estonia / Remote
Can’t see a role that fits?
We’re always looking for passionate people that share our vision. If you have brilliant ideas and insights about the road ahead, we may set up a new role just for you. Let’s talk!

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