Paper-free claims reporting

Cachet paper-free claims reporting

It’s safe and easy

In the event of a traffic accident, easily obtained detailed information is crucial to ensuring everything runs smoothly. You can report claims through the Cachet app. No need to carry claim papers around or buy them from a petrol station!


With Cachet, it’s as easy as your daily internet banking or signing an e-document.

Filing a claim

Traffic accidents happen. Stay calm. They happen even to the best of us.
If it’s just a small bump, as most traffic accidents are, the parties simply come to an agreement about what happened and document it.

1. Take photos

Take pictures of the accident site and the damage done to the vehicles from as many angles as needed. Draw a sketch of the circumstances of the accident and take a picture of the sketch as well.

2. Describe what happened

Provide a written description of the accident, write down all participants’ contact information and mark the incident’s location with GPS.

3. Send the report to the insurance company

forward your report along with the photos, the sketch, and other relevant information to the insurance company, and you’re done!

Everything was so easy to do. The other party was happy she didn’t have to fill out papers too.


Bolt and Uber driver

Had a small accident with the fence. With the Cachet app it took me only 5 minutes


Private driver

Make your life easier!

Keep your insurance organized with just a few clicks.

With the Cachet app, everything is just one touch away. Keep an eye on your policies and file a claims report in minutes! The Cachet app works smoothly with Android and iOS

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