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Paper-free claims reporting

Issuing claims

Paper be gone. File your claim in the app.

It’s safe and easy.

If you get into a traffic accident, getting crucial details to us is easier than ever. Just pull up your Cachet app and report your claim right there. Forget about chasing down paper forms and filling them out on your crumpled bonnet. Accidents are stressful. Paperwork shouldn’t be.

How to file a claim

If it’s just a fender bender, drivers usually agree about what happened and why. They document it and life goes on. If it’s more serious, or if your version differs from theirs, the stakes are higher.

Take lots of photos
Take pictures of the accident site and vehicle damage from as many angles as you can. Draw a sketch of the circumstances that led to the accident and take a picture of that as well.
Describe what happened
Write a description of the accident, add contact information for everyone involved, and mark the incident’s location with GPS.
File your claim
Use the Cachet app or website to file your claim using a simple form. We’ll forward it to the insurance company and they’ll contact you (or the vehicle owner) directly.

One app, one place for all your insurance stuff

Get the Cachet app to buy, track and renew your policies. File claims here as well, just like insurance gods intended.

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