Casco insurance

Cachet’s casco insurance is a good and convenient option for regular cars.


Cachet’s casco insurance is excellent because...

  • … it is also all-risks insurance. It insures the vehicle against any sudden and unexpected event, including traffic accidents, natural disasters, fire, vandalism, theft, and robbery. You can see the details here.
  • … it also includes free roadside assistance. This is available for all vehicles with a gross vehicle mass of up to 3,500 kg upon registration.
  • … it includes a replacement car. This applies to all cars and vans for three days. The replacement car is provided without an additional fee 24/7 by the BTA Roadside Assistance Service. Details about using a replacement car for a longer period are outlined in the insurance policy. But it’s nothing outrageous.
  • … it applies even without keys or documents. The insurance applies even if it is not possible for you to hand over all the keys, remote controls or registration certificates after your vehicle has been stolen. You can see the details here.
  • … it’s also new value insurance. If less than a year has passed from the initial registration of the insured vehicle and its mileage does not exceed 30,000 km, then the damage is compensated in the extent of the purchase price of the same new vehicle. That’s how it works.
  • … it offers extended coverage in case of glass damage, meaning that in addition to the windscreen and side and rear windows, it also compensates the glasses of lights and mirrors with no deductible.
  • … it also includes vehicle transportation and towing costs to the extent of up to 10% of the sum insured.
  • … damages can be reported conveniently through the Cachet application/platform.
  • … is valid throughout the European Union.

Filing a claim

A traffic accident happens. Stay calm. It happens even to the best of us.
If it’s just a small bump, as most traffic accidents are, the parties simply come to an agreement about what happened and document it.

Step image

1. Make photos

Take pictures of the accident site and the damage done to the vehicles from as many angles as possible, if necessary.

Step image

2. Draw a scheme

Draw a sketch of the circumstances of the accident and take a picture of the sketch as well.

Step image

3. All parties sign the report

Fill in the required fields on Cachet’s website, send the report to the other party for signing and then sign it yourself as well.

Step image

4. Send to insurance company

Once it has been digitally signed, your report along with the photos, the sketch and other relevant information is forwarded to the insurance company, and you’re done!


Pay only for the time that you actually spend driving.