Fleet insurance

Fleet insurance

Cachet fleet insurance offers you a complete solution for automating your fleet business. Manage your fleet insurance, drivers and day-to-day analytics, all in one place.

Cost efficiency

Every company is different and so are its insurance needs. Get a personalised offer to match your assets.

Vehicle and driver assessment

With Cachet you can constantly keep track of the behaviour of each car and driver in your fleet. The smart app will suggest ways to minimise your risks and costs in the long run.

Policy and claim management

Forget the days when you could never find your policies and filing a claim was a risk in itself. Now all your documents are stored in one place, just a couple of taps away.

Cachet is a smart choice for fleets because…

It connects with every telematics solution

You can track how your fleet renters are using your assets. For example, you can track:

It connects with every app taxi platform

Be aware of how efficiently your cars are used for taxi driving by tracking the private vs taxi-driving ratio.

Paper-free claim reporting

You will always be notified if an accident happens with your assets. With Cachet, drivers can report accidents to insurers via the mobile app.

Smart insurance for your fleet

Did you know?

Our app makes your life easier.

Download the Cachet app to purchase, keep track and renew your policy. Even filing claims is made easier. Try it out for yourself!

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