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The future of insurance is


Truly personal insurance is smart, flexible, and fair. With rates that reflect real life, actual working hours, and good habits in traffic.

Quick. Simple. Digital.

Get a quote in as little as
30 seconds

In some markets, quotes may take up to 3 minutes.

Save about

Average Cachet customer savings on ride-hailing insurance, compared to premiums elsewhere.

State of happiness

Current Cachet users, based on the customer satisfaction score.

For individuals
Different wheels, different policies. All uniquely yours.
Private customers

All your trips, all the time. From basic motor-insurance hygiene that gets you on the road to premium casco magic for full peace of mind. City Rider insurance protects cyclists, scooterists, and other road users who aren’t driving a motor vehicle.

Riding a bicycle or scooter?
Platform workers
Flexible insurance to fit flexible schedules. Perfect for freelancers, gig workers, and other natives of the platform/sharing economy.
Why customers choose cachet
Smart. Personal. Fair. Flexible. Mobile. Easy.
Smart and personalised
Old-timey insurance didn’t do nuance. (Drove non-stop or just on Sundays? Same rate.) Modern insurance should fairly reflect your lifestyle, workstyle, road use, and traffic behaviour.
Everything in one place

Sun visor or glove compartment? Those were Dad’s options. With Cachet all policies, claims, and other insurance documents live in one digital wallet, always within reach.

Mobile claim reporting
Accidents are stressful enough. Paperwork shouldn’t add to it. Don’t wait for the insurance office to open next Monday. File your claim in our app or on our website and move on.
Instant(ish) quotes
Depending on where you live, your insurance quotes will arrive in seconds. A couple of minutes at most. We’ll also highlight the best match for your road use and other circumstances.
Customer care that… cares

We’ve made insurance a lot better. Still, dealing with claims and policies can get tricky. Skip ChatGPT and talk to us instead. As your ally and advocate we’ll help you sort it out.

Easy updates and renewals
Renewing your insurance policy or making changes to it is a one-click thing. Maybe three. Point is, it’s super simple. Insurance is really coming to terms with the modern world, isn’t it?

Leave fire hoops to the circus. Access your data like a normal person.

Personalised insurance leans on learning about your lifestyle and track record on the road. It’s how we ensure that you’re not slapped with unfair premiums.

Yes, insurers have always kept records to assess your risk. But Cachet does it to serve you. Inspired by the platform economy, we provide new and flexible kinds of coverage. And no hocus-pocus with customer data. You can easily check what we know about you under your account. Transparency, not hoops.

For Business customers
Don’t get your business stuck in a jam
Business & Fleet solutions

Comprehensive insurance and fleet management to scale your business. Comes with smart analytics and countless integration options that don’t mess with your well-honed workflows. It’s complex, not complicated.

Here for you. Still here. Yup, no change. Full attention.
Got questions or need help? Let us know. As your support team, we’re happy to offer some peace of mind. You know, something for the ride.

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