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City Rider campaign terms and conditions


Cachet will gift you City Rider insurance package “I take responsibility” worth €9.9 for €0 per month for one month if you purchase casco insurance policy for the duration of 1 year or motor third party liability insurance policy for the duration of at least 3 months via the Cachet website cachet.me (hereinafter ‘the Website’) between 24.05.2023  and 30.06.2023.


The insurance broker service is provided by and the insurance policies are mediated by Cachet Insurance Broker OÜ, operating as the insurance broker on the Website (registry code 14920263, located in Tatari 64, 10134, Tallinn, email support@cachet.me, hereinafter ‘the Insurance Broker’) The terms and conditions of the brokerage agreement are available on the website cachet.me.


If the policyholder terminates the insurance policy before the end date, Cachet has the right to demand that the policyholder compensate for the City Rider insurance one month fee or deduct the corresponding cost from the refundable insurance premium.


The offer does not extend to other services offered via the Cachet website. The offer can be used only once per customer. The free bonus code for City Rider insurance is valid until 31.12.2023.


The campaign is run by Cachet OÜ (registry code 14560702, located at Tatari 64, 10134, Tallinn, hereinafter ‘Cachet’). As the organiser of the campaign, Cachet has the unilateral right to cancel the campaign or change the conditions of the campaign, publishing respective information on the website and ensuring the validity of the one-month City Rider insurance already received as a gift.


Please contact support@cachet.me in case of any questions about the campaign.


Please read City Rider insurance terms and conditions and the insurance provider’s information sheet.

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