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Customer support and sales talent

We are looking for Customer support and sales talent who will take care of our clients. We see that role as a key person in our team and this is why we are seeking a communication superstar.


Picks from superstar description:

  • fluent in both Polish and English.
  • Good proficiency in Russian is a bonus.
  • smiles so much that customers see it even in the text of an email.
  • Is ready to learn new things every day and develop with a growing start-up.
  • Have at least 1-year experience in customer support + sales and knows what good service look like
  • Experience in the Insurance industry is a big bonus
  • Have more “straight to the point” and “less small talk” attitude to get things done
  • Have an interest in marketing and sales topics too.
  • Have the ability to do several tasks in parallel and can work independently.
  • Adjust to the situation and at critical moments, grab the bull by the horns, so if the bull wants to dance, you will tame him.
  • Navigates well in emails, social media, Slack, Excel, Intercom, etc and if you don’t know them yet, You can quickly make them your friends.


What we offer to the superstar:

  • Competitive wages. We understand that when working, a person must be able to put honey on the Moka.
  • Lots of development opportunities. You learn all your life, but some challenges teach and develop more quickly than others. With us, your abilities get a turbo button.
  • Flexible working hours and working anywhere. It’s 2021, and working doesn’t mean taking the office to nine o’clock. Do your job well, even from Sopot Pier and when it suits you. The main thing is that things are done correctly and with enthusiasm.


If this is something for you, send your resume (in English) or a link to your LinkedIn

profile with a few sentences describing why we should pick you to Hedi Mardisoo

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