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Winter will arrive seven times over. Always suddenly.

It’s the end of November and the weather turned cold so suddenly that some of the stores are yet to lay out their Christmas displays and many of us haven’t even heard “Last Christmas” from the radio yet. The Estonian road and street maintenance crews weren’t ready for the unexpected either.

Traffic news

Innovation takes us forward, but some things never change. For example, you can bet that weather is the first topic to be discussed in the morning and the Estonian weather also throwing you all sorts of curveballs in the wintertime – snowstorms, black ice, ice pellets, thick snow, fog. Fluctuations in temperature and precipitation are as characteristic of the Estonian winter as snowmen and tangerines.

We hear about ever-graver accidents from the news and the radio – a local tractor or a tow truck pulls out a car that ran into a ditch or crashed into a street light due to slippery conditions. And life goes on. Weather reporter can urge everyone to be careful until he’s blue in the face, but he cannot tame the winter.

Driving style and skills

Driving a car is not rocket science. Yet it’s one thing to drive during the summertime when the roads are dry, but a whole different story to drive in the winter. Every road user must make sure that their vehicle is safe before they hit the road. And we’re not just talking about the tire tread. We’re also talking about keeping your windows clean and making sure that it’s not freezing in the car, so you wouldn’t have to keep rubbing your hands to keep yourself warm.

The most dangerous thing about driving is the mindset that “it’s not going to happen to me, I have a good car that can keep itself on the road or dodge traffic when needed”. Also, many drivers don’t understand that you shouldn’t skimp on winter tires – once you wear out your tires with three winters, you shouldn’t re-use them for the fourth one.

Insure to ensure your peace of mind for the winter

Casco insurance is an integral part of the traffic culture and a true modern convenience. If you get into an accident, you fully expect to solve the situation with as little trouble and gray hair as possible. If you drive off the road in the middle of the wilderness, it’s very convenient to have a tow truck come to your rescue free of charge. You also save yourself from an emotional roller coaster if you can get your paperwork in order quickly via an app and simply carry on with a replacement car. Read more about the benefits of casco insurance.

So how can I help myself?

To ensure your own peace of mind, you need to focus on damage prevention and ask yourself how you can minimize any risk of damage. So let’s go over the winter basics once again:

– Make sure that your winter tires are of good quality, not worn out.

– If there’s heavy snowfall and the roads haven’t been cleared yet, see if you can change your schedule.

– If you have to get on the road, be careful – for the sake of your own safety as well as that of others.

– Maintain proper following distance because it takes longer for the car to brake in the winter than in the summer.

Of course, there are a dozen other things you have to keep in mind when driving in the wintertime, but the most important thing is to care about others and be attentive.

Cachet’s convenient casco

Few things set your mind more at ease in the winter than casco insurance. Any one of us can accidentally skid into another car or cause a minor fender bender in some tragicomic way.

But something may also damage your car without you having any control over it whatsoever. For example, you might get hit by a block of ice sliding off of the roof of a passing truck or a random rooftop. Casco protects you against any such nonsense.

And, of course, you can pay for Cachet’s casco in monthly installments or cancel your policy at any time. It’s also super easy and convenient to obtain casco insurance via the cachet.me app. You can conclude the policy agreement right away and upload pictures of your car during the purchase process to document its current state. In case of an accident, you can quickly and easily file an insurance claim via the cachet.me app. Read more about it here.

This all saves you energy, time and stress. Casco insurance is just as essential in the Estonian winter as blood sausages and sauerkraut on your Christmas dinner table. Santa’s little helpers will soon be busy delivering presents. So how about a nice little casco for Christmas?

Drive safe and stay warm!

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