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Roadside assistance – one of the best perks of Casco insurance

Having Casco for your car undoubtedly is one of the best choices you can make for you and your vehicle’s safety against unforeseen expenses. Smaller or larger accidents can happen to even the most careful drivers, and Casco comes as an additional airbag in such cases. 

Besides providing insurance for possible damages to your car, most Casco insurers also offer a service called roadside assistance (also known as car assistance). In this article, we’ll check what Casco roadside assistance is, how it can be helpful to you, and explore the assistance conditions of several Casco providers in Estonia. 


Roadside assistance – what is it?

Imagine a situation – it’s the weekend, and you’ve taken a lovely road trip to the countryside. You’re driving through an area that’s not very populated, and all of a sudden, your car breaks down. After a tense Googling session, you learn that the closest car repair is a 2-hour drive away, and the pricing for their on-site visit will likely be quite high. So, dear reader, this is when the Casco insurance road assistance can be your savior. 

In short, road assistance or car assistance is a service provided by your Casco insurer to help you get back on the road in case your car breaks down. This service is commonly included in Casco insurance policy providers, and they either partner with existing roadside assistance businesses or help you arrange the closest available service when needed. 

Depending on your Casco provider and the particular policy plan you’ve chosen, Casco roadside assistance can include services such as towing, flat tire help, oil and fuel delivery, lockout or locksmith, and more. What is also convenient and worth checking with your Casco provider is – if roadside assistance is available abroad. Many Estonian insurers provide it within Europe, so be aware of that when going elsewhere by your car. 


Why would you need Casco roadside assistance?

Providing roadside assistance is a common part of Casco insurance. Besides, many of the Casco providers in Estonia include road assistance in all of their insurance plans automatically. However, if you face a choice of having the car assistance included or not (and likely – to pay more or not), here are a few points to consider when making your decision. 

#1 Usual driving distance and areas

Driving distance is one of the game-changers that could help you decide whether or not roadside assistance is crucial for you. How far do you usually drive? If it’s almost always around the city or not far from places that can provide you with decent car repair, you could consider skipping this particular service. But if you, on the contrary, often drive to unfamiliar locations, sparsely populated areas, or choose to go road tripping quite a lot, give roadside assistance a YES. 

 #2 Your car’s age

Of course, it depends on circumstances, but if your vehicle is relatively new or even brand-new, your chances of facing technical issues will likely be lower than if your car has already been around the block, so to say. Driving long distances or even going abroad with a car that cannot be considered new could be a reason to think about having roadside assistance as a part of your Casco insurance policy.

#3 Costs and comfort

If the previous two points left you in a 50/50 mindset, this one may help to make your final decision. 

Remember the scene we painted with you, stuck in the middle of nowhere, with your car broken down and no roadside assistance? It’s not only a bit scary but can also turn out to be expensive if you need to use any available car repair or other services. In contrast, Casco roadside assistance programs have agreements with service providers or can negotiate pricing on your behalf and help you save a significant amount of money.

Moreover, being in a stressful situation blurs one’s thinking, no doubt. Call yourself lucky if your stress resilience is high because it’s probably not the case for many. Thus, figuring out what to do and how to fix your vehicle on the side of a road may not be the easiest task to deal with. Pair it with conditions such as nighttime, a blizzard, or both, and there you have it – an absolute nightmare. Having a Casco roadside assistance number to call for help now sounds like a perfect idea, right?


In conclusion 

Roadside assistance provided by your Casco insurance is a great benefit that can spare you a lot of stress, unexpected expenses and be of great help in seemingly desperate circumstances. Thus, most of the Casco providers that operate in Estonia have free 24/7 roadside assistance included automatically in nearly all of their Casco packages. If you thought about getting car assistance or not, chances are it’s already there in the contract and ready to be activated when needed. 

What’s left to say is – it’s undeniably better not to end up in a situation when you need to call for roadside assistance in the middle of the night or someplace unknown in a foreign country. But if you do – remember to ring your Casco insurance provider for help and guidance. 


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