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Side-gig options in Estonia – what, where, how? (Part 1)


The times are long gone when short-term jobs were reserved for the young or inexperienced. More and more people are choosing the flexibility of occasional side hustles that not only make for a diverse workday, but with major earning potential, too. 

Whether you’re looking for a way to earn some extra money or just curious to explore what the hypothetical options for a side-gig in Estonia are, you’ve come to the right place. This article covers some of the most popular on-demand work options and platforms in the country. 

Explore the types of work you can do, how much you can earn, and other useful information all in one place. 

From IT side-gigs to household services and catering – platforms to seeking a variety of experiences


Industry: various

Requirements: not specified

Earnings: depends on many factors – the difficulty of the side-gig, your skills and payment rate, and more

If you’re a freelancer or ever been one, chances are you’re familiar with web-based platforms like Fiverr or Upwork – international marketplaces for freelance services. Meet Wisestly – the Estonian alternative for connecting entrepreneurs with services provided by local talents. 

Wisestly is a free web platform built to help freelancers find their next gig, and companies land the needed cooperation for their services. 

In Wisestly, the sky is (almost) the limit. You can find side job opportunities in various categories, for example, marketing, business services & training, design & graphics, IT services, photography, content writing, and more. All you need to do is create a profile, add your skills, portfolio, payment rate, and start exploring listed offers. 

The amount of potential income from a side-gig landed via Wisestly undoubtedly depends on various aspects – your skills, payment rate, the difficulty level of a listed job or project, and more. As Wisestly explains, there are no restrictions for offering your skills via the platform. It takes only 5% commission fee from each project you finish. 

Bonus info: Security is one of Wisestly’s top priorities. The platform makes sure that both parties of a deal receive the expected outcome. Additionally, Wisestly’s project managers help with resolving disputes if any occur. 

Handies Tasker

Industry: all kinds of household-related services  

Requirements: bank account for receiving earnings via the app

Earnings: up to €700/a week, but it can differ significantly

Handies is an Estonian platform and mobile app created in 2016 that brings together those in need of various household services with such service providing individuals.  

The side-gig opportunity here lies in becoming a Tasker – Handies’ title for the household side-workers. Handies has a separate app for Taskers, where you can set up your profile, providing information about what work you’re up for, your hourly rates, and the work area. Then wait for job offers from potential clients and accept or decline them within 12 hours.

Types of services Taskers offer are household-related, ranging from interior work, cleaning, fieldwork, garden work to beauty services and even (!) Christmas specials such as being an occasional Santa Claus. To begin working, you need to set up a Tasker’s profile, add a bank account for receiving money for your work via Handies and you’re good to go.

According to the platform’s webpage, a Tasker can earn up to 700 euros a week. Yet, of course, it depends on various factors such as your hourly rate, the amount of work you’re ready to take on, the type of service you provide, and more. Note that the hourly rate doesn’t include materials costs – they can be added to the app later. 

You won’t have to deal with collecting your income manually – Handies calculates your service’s exact cost and takes care of the payment. You’ll receive the earned money for your side-gigs every two weeks to your bank account. 

Bonus info: Handies app provides great assistance as you deal with your clients. The app sends reminders to the client and takes care of the timekeeping with an in-built timer. The Tasker starts the timer at the beginning of the work and turns it off when the job is done. Moreover, the app notifies both the Tasker and the client about the timer’s actions, providing transparency for both parties.


Industry: various 

Requirements: not specified, yet most employees look for workers that are 18 and older

Earnings: for one-time gigs usually from €4.50/h to €7/h but can vary a lot

GoWorkaBit is an Estonian HR web platform built to help job seekers meet their future employees – from a one-day workbit to long-term employment. It provides a fantastic opportunity to explore various occasional side-gig options. If you’re looking to enrichen your job experiences while not giving into a long-term commitment, GoWorkaBit will have something for you.

Types of work you can find on the platform include nearly anything. The most popular may be catering, cleaning, transportation, and all kinds of assistance jobs. 

To begin your journey with GoWorkaBit, you’ll have to create a free account, providing a short self-description, a photo, contact information, and correct details of your ID. You don’t necessarily have to be 18 and older to be looking for a side-gig at GoWorkaBit, yet most of the employees look for adult job seekers.

The amount of your earnings depends on the hourly rate specified in the job offer, the length of the gig, and the number of jobs you’re willing to take. For small one-time gigs, the usual pay rate can be from 4.50 €/h to 7 €/h, but it can vary depending on the task’s difficulty and other factors. 

It’s important to note two things: the amount of payment in the job offer is the gross amount, and job providers are not obliged to pay double on public holidays or night shifts, as the timing of work is job seekers’ free choice. 

Bonus tips: If a job offer provider chooses you for the side-gig, you’re notified via email. However, if it turns out that you’re unable to do the job for some reason, make sure to cancel in time, so a replacement for you can be found. 

Note that the cancellations appear on your profile, and you can’t apply for a new job within the next 24 hours after cancellation. After three cancellations that have taken place 24 hours before the start of the job, you will no longer be able to find future employment through GoWorkaBit.

Bonus: if you have some space to rent or a unique experience to host


Industry: short-term property rentals and experience hosting

Requirements: not specified

Earnings:  €29.19/room per night, €55,01/house per night on average as of September 2020; experience prices vary from €1/person up to €350/person, depending on the particular offer

Finally, an option that cannot be overlooked as a side hustle opportunity is hosting a home on Airbnb. From tiny houses, farm stays, and lofts to private rooms – options are vast. And despite a partial stereotype that Airbnb’s audience is foreign tourists only, focusing on domestic travelers is also a great idea.

The process of becoming an Airbnb host may take a little longer than those side hustle options listed above. You’ll have to start with creating your listing – detailed information on the property you’re offering, photos of the space, and making sure you shine the light on space’s uniqueness. Move on with adding house rules, an accurate booking calendar, and setting up a price per night. 

Remember to provide your guests with all the essentials for their stay, keep the space clean, make check-ins and check-outs as convenient as possible, and be a friendly host in general. As you may know from personal experience, guests will be asked to provide a rating via Airbnb about their stay – the better your rating is, the more stay requests you can receive, and earn more money. 

Speaking of your potential earnings, they depend on whether you’re renting out a room, a flat, or a house and on its location. However, according to recent statistics, the average room price per night in Estonia as of September 2020 was €29.19, and the average house price per night was €55,01 (bear in mind that the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted the prices). Of course, your final profit will be lower considering the maintenance expenditures of the space and taxes. 

Good to know: In December 2018, Airbnb and the Estonian Tax and Customs Board signed an agreement to ease income tax reporting for Airbnb hosts in the country. Since then, the hosts can voluntarily report their Airbnb earnings to the tax authorities through a reporting tool, so the income is added to the host’s yearly tax returns.  

Additionally, you can offer all kinds of experiences as a local expert on Airbnb. From city tours to cooking classes, both online and in-person – options are vast. Submit a proposal of an experience and wait for Airbnb’s approval to begin hosting. 

In conclusion

Short-term commitment, one-timers, project-based. Whatever side-gig options in Estonia you’re looking for, chances of finding something that suits your interests and skills are quite positive. Dig deeper into the list above or seek additional opportunities in your area – the perfect side-hustle can be just around the corner!

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