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Shield yourself from harm with Cachet

Safety is nowadays important everywhere — in every house, in every car. Everyone who purchases an annual ride-hailing traffic insurance policy and pays in monthly instalments will now get a free guard shield for their car!For both drivers and customers, “safety” is key when offering ride-hailing services. It’s time you installed the protective guard shield in your car.

One day, the pandemic will be over, but it’s going to take time and commitment. Installing the protective guard shield is the right step in that direction.


Terms and conditions of the campaign:

  1. Cachet will give a free protective guard shield for the car to users purchasing an annual ride-hailing traffic insurance policy paid in monthly instalments between Nov 11, 2020 and Dec 18, 2020.
  2. Within 7 days of the purchase, users are required to send an email to support@cachet.me with the following information:
    1. “Guard shield” as the subject
    2. First and last name
    3. License plate number
  3. The protective guard shield will come with instructions for installation. The driver is responsible for installing the guard shield.
  4. Protective guard shields are available starting from Nov 26 2020. To claim your guard shield, please write to support@cachet.me to agree on the details.
  5. Cachet will not be held responsible for incorrect installation of the guard shield or any damage due to incorrect installation.
  6. If the guard shield is defective, please notify Cachet immediately (within 7 days from receipt of the guard shield), after which Cachet will contact you with information about the next steps. If the manufacturer  confirms the defect, the guard shield will be replaced with a new one.
  7. If the purchased policy is cancelled before its end date, Cachet will have the right to request compensation for the guard shield in the amount that is proportional to the time remaining until the end date of the policy.
  8. As the organizer of the campaign, Cachet reserves the unilateral right to discontinue the campaign or alter the terms and conditions of the campaign by making the relevant information available on its website.
  9. The offer is not valid for other products or when purchasing a policy for a shorter period.
  10. Cachet will give away up to 100 protective guard shields in the order of applications received at support@cachet.me after the purchase.
  11. The campaign is organized by Cachet OÜ. Should you have any questions about the campaign, please contact Cachet at support@cachet.me.

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