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Meet the new Cachet dashboard for ride-hailers

It’s been a while since Cachet introduced motor and Casco insurance policies for ride-hailing drivers. Regardless of how often you drive a ride-hailing taxi, having insurance that doesn’t make you overpay is an excellent security layer as you’re cruising around the city and making that ride-hailing money of yours. 

To make your Cachet app experience even better, we’re thrilled to announce that we’ve updated the Cachet app’s dashboard with some specific features for ride hailers!

This dashboard update provides you with a better understanding of what type of driver you are. Besides monitoring your driving time and work-life balance, you can compare your driving style and habits to other ride-hailing drivers and gain insight into how you can decrease some crucial risks while driving.

Let’s explore what the new Cachet ride-hailing dashboard has to offer!


The newcomers of Cachet’s ride-hailing dashboard

The ride-hailing dashboard on the Cachet app now presents you three types of insight:

1. Driving time

Driving time on the Cachet app shows the number of your ride-hailing hours within a week’s scope and how you’ve divided your driving time between different ride-hailing platforms. 

The Driving time insight also displays the status of your work-life (or, to be more accurate, ride-hailing-life) balance. For example, those who keep their daily driving time under 9 hours are classified as “perfectly balanced drivers”. 

You can also see an overview of how other Cachet users have driven within the past week. Cachet divides collected stats into five categories, based on the number of days per week that drivers ride-hail for 9+ hours. The category appearing in bold is your status of the week.

2. Habits

Another newcomer of Cachet’s dashboard for ride-hailers is an overview of your driving habits. The Habits view has two modes that you can switch between by hitting the “When” or “Trips” button in the center of your dashboard.

The “When” mode provides an insight into your driving according to three categories:

  1. Whether you drive more during the rush hours or when the traffic is calmer;
  2. Your balance of driving on weekdays and weekends;
  3. Whether you drive more in daytime or nighttime.

It also gives an overview of when other ride-hailers using Cachet drive the most – morning, night, dinner time, or daytime (10 AM – 15 PM). Again, your personal status and the category that fits your driving time habits will appear in bold.

If you hit the “Trips” button on your Habits view, you’ll be able to explore an overview of your ride lengths and speed. Check out what ride length prevails most for you and which average speed category you belong to. 

You can also compare your driving speed habits to other Cachet users as their stats are divided into four speed categories, which appear on the bottom half of this dashboard view. 


3. Security

The third novelty in Cachet’s dashboard for ride-hailing drivers is a Security overview. It shows you an hourly graph of traffic accidents. 

The red line displays statistics collected by the Estonian Motor Insurance Bureau from the last two years. It works as a reminder to be more careful when accidents are more likely to happen in general.

The grey charts show Cachet ride-hailing drivers’ average accident frequency, and the yellow charts show your individual traffic accident stats. 

The bottom half of the Security view displays statistics on how many days have passed since Cachet users have submitted an insurance claim. The bolded category is the one applying to you.

Enjoy ride-hailing with Cachet!

We genuinely hope that Cachet ride-hailing insurance is a trustworthy companion throughout your app taxi gigs. We care that you don’t overpay but remain well-insured. If you’re new to Cachet or still thinking about going for a ride-hailing side gig, know that Cachet offers both Casco and motor insurance for app taxi drivers. Your insurance price is based on the hours you actually spend completing orders, and the policy is valid across Europe. Happy driving!

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