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Meet Cachet co-founder and COO Kalle Palling

Insurance is about risk assessment. But you saw rapid changes in the world of work, technology, and mobility, that weren’t properly addressed by the industry. What made you enter the fray?
Insurance companies treated freelance workers unfairly.

How have work and mobility changed in the last five years?
 I guess the process has just started. There’s a huge potential in building cities for people and not for cars. Most car-sharing and micromobility companies have boomed in the last five years and we see constant user growth. It means there’s fewer people using their personal cars.

What do you know now that you wish you’d have known five years ago?
How hard it is in combination with a massive reward you get from the happy faces of your colleagues. 

If you could swap roles with a colleague for a day, who would it be and why? 
Someone from the development team. I could find out about all the other people’s jobs, but I know nothing about coding. I’d like to change that. 

What´s your advice for newcomers who are considering joining Cachet? 
If you want to work with a team that really wants to change the landscape for platform economy and build the insurance solutions enabling the change- join Cachet!

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How many insurance policies do you have? Which one do you consider the most important or unusual?
My only policies are home insurance and Cachet’s city rider. I don’t have a car so no need for insurance either. I guess I’m also the best customer in terms of not using my travel insurance that comes with my credit cards.

What type of vehicle do you use most often to commute? And how many kilometers do you clock each year? 
It’s a combination of a family car and car-sharing platforms. And a lot of bike and kick scooter rides. 

Which type of vehicle do you love commuting the most? 
I love cycling in Tallinn. When travelling I now use rental bikes and kick scooters to commute, instead of ride-hailing cars. 

Has your vehicle ever had a nickname?
In 2005-2007 when I worked at the Estonian Reform Party, our office car was called “ENN”.

What’s your go-to happy song while commuting? 
They change from time to time, but I love “No Eyes” by Claptone, “Ocean Drive” by Duke Dumont, and “Help Me Lose my Mind” by Disclosure feat. London Grammar.

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