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Meet Danuta Żukowska, General Manager, Cachet CEE Poland

What brought you to Cachet?
It was unexpected but, looking back, inevitable. After 20 years at big corporations I was ready for change and only needed the right stimulus. Our paths with Cachet crossed when I was Head of Affinity at a big brokerage firm. I was seeking an insurtech partner who could provide innovative usage-based insurance solutions. I saw how insurtech operates, how innovative and dynamic it is, and what a huge data and digital arsenal it has. When I was invited to join, I hesitated only briefly. I knew we could bring new value to the market.

What gets you up in the morning? You have a grand job title and a lot of responsibilities, but what’s your broader mission?
I’m a great fan of insurance. I know how it sounds. Most people think it is boring but it’s quite the opposite. Insurance is fascinating and mission driven. It is about caring which is close to every woman’s heart. However, insurance has been “broken” over time. I want to help make it more customer-oriented, inclusive (instead of exclusive), easy, transparent, trustful, and… lovable.

How have work and mobility changed in the last five years in Poland?
Dramatically. Change was triggered by technology advancements and society’s digitalisation, and accelerated by the pandemic. There are over 300,000 freelancers. This number grows each year and freelancers become more diversified among different types of blue and white-collar workers. Among them, the use of digital platforms is now the norm. New mobility has also gained momentum and become more diverse. Platforms like Uber, Bolt, FreeNow, and iTaxi account for more than half of the Polish taxi market. The app-taxi business has almost 20 million users and is worth over PLN 2.5 billion. Micromobility has also exploded. There are now more than 100,000 shared bikes and scooters, with double-digit growth year on year. Also, the last-mile delivery market has grown exponentially, mainly due to the pandemic. All micromobility services, as well as ride-hailing, operate on digital platforms and use data, which is a natural environment for Cachet.

If you could swap roles with a colleague for a day, who would it be and why?
At a startup you must be ready for such swaps anyway. For example, I’ve stepped in as a Cachet telesales consultant. I like to hear the voices of our clients, to know what concerns they have, what they like, and what drives them crazy. Everything we do should solve real people’s problems. Innovation for the sake of innovation misses the point.

What´s your advice for someone who considers joining Cachet?
Do not hesitate too long. Everyone who is passionate about insurance, data, and technology; and who wants to improve the insurance industry will find plenty of development opportunities at Cachet.

How many insurance policies do you have?
I have motor, home, and assistance insurance. I also buy travel insurance whenever I go abroad. They’re all important because you never know what could be lurking around the corner.

What type of vehicle do you mostly commute with?
I mainly drive (20,000 km a year) and ride my bike.

Which type of vehicle do you love the most for commuting?
Both car and bike have their advantages, depending on the situation. Weather has a lot to do with it.

Has your vehicle ever had a nickname?

What’s your go-to happy song while commuting?
“Driving home for Christmas” when I’m… driving home for Christmas.

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