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Introducing Cachet’s friend referral campaign

2021 was an excellent year for Cachet in many ways – we launched the City rider insurance, updated our ride-hailer dashboard, entered the Polish market, and more. After such a marvelous year, we decided to kick off the next one with something completely fresh – a friend referral program for Cachet’s clients. 

Read this short article to learn how Cachet’s new recommendation campaign works and what benefits you and your friends can expect from it.


Invite your friends to Cachet and enjoy referral benefits

How often do you ask your friends and colleagues for product and service recommendations? Cachet’s team does it all the time. It’s hard to keep quiet about a good thing. With that in mind, Cachet has created a friend referral program, allowing you to recommend flexible and smart insurance solutions to those who would benefit from them the most.


How does Cachet’s friend referral program work? 

Cachet’s friend recommendation allows Cachet’s current clients to get something in return for attracting new clients – be it their friends, family members, or business partners. As a reward for bringing in a new client to Cachet, referrers receive a bonus in the form of Cachet Cash, which they can use to pay for various services on the Cachet.me platform. Plus, the newly invited clients also receive a welcome Cachet Cash reward.


How do I receive my Cachet Cash credits as a referrer?

Firstly, share your Cachet experience with people looking for a better way to do insurance – tell them what you like the most about our services. If you’re using Cachet for gig work or business, tell your friends why you chose Cachet in the first place and how it has benefited your work. Personal insights are always the most valuable reference.

Secondly, if your friends express interest in Cachet’s services, send them an electronic invitation via the Cachet.me platform. When they create a Cachet.me account, they’ll receive a welcome bonus – five Cachet Cash credits – directly to their digital wallet on the platform. 

Lastly, the referrer, a.k.a you, will be rewarded with five Cachet Cash credits when the new user makes a purchase on Cachet.me. So sharing how you’ve benefited from using Cachet to encourage your friends to purchase our insurance services can help you lower your own insurance costs. And the best part? There’s no limit to the number of new Cachet users you can invite!


What is Cachet Cash, and how is it used?

Cachet Cash is a virtual currency used to purchase insurance or other services on the Cachet.me platform. One one Cachet Cash credit equals 1€ or the equivalent of currency used in a local country. 

You can use Cachet Cash to apply discounts for Cachet services on the platform and make payments in case of advance payment. To do so, select the option “use Cachet Cash” at the payment step. 

Note that Cachet Cash is personal, and you can’t transfer it to other Cachet users. You can always check your virtual currency balance in your digital wallet on the Cachet.me platform.


Final remarks

Cachet’s top priority has always been delivering flexible insurance services that match our clients’ lifestyles. Thus, we are deeply grateful that you’ve chosen Cachet as your insurance service provider – and we assure you that we’re continuously striving to better our services and create new ones for your convenience.

Don’t keep your friends and family from the insurance opportunities Cachet offers. E-invite them to join the platform today and receive your referral benefits when they start using the smart insurance solutions provided by Cachet. 

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