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Driving ride-hailing taxi with your own car (part 2)

In the last article, we covered how and where you can find side-gig options from IT gigs to household services.

The most popular side-gig in Estonia is driving a ride-hailing taxi through different applications. If you don’t have a car yet, you can still earn extra income as a courier with your bike or scooter.

Considering a side hustle as a ride-hailing taxi driver?


Industry: rideshare

Requirements: driver’s license, service provider card, vehicle card, 2+ years of driving experience, suitable car, clean criminal record

Earnings: up to €600/a week as a full-time driver (as of 2019); less if doing this as a side-gig

Good old ride-hailing. One of the most characteristic features of the gig economy. Estonian startup-superstar Bolt offers side gig opportunities for drivers. 

Becoming a Bolt driver takes 1-4 days on average. To begin the process, you’ll need to meet several requirements as listed above. Filling up a sign-up form is quick, and after that, you’ll be asked to complete training at Bolt’s office or via video – whatever suits you best. When the training is complete, you’ll have to bring your car for Bolt’s inspection to make sure it suits the requirements. If you don’t have a vehicle but wish to become a Bolt driver, you can always find an option from Bolt’s rental partners. 

The amount of your earnings by driving with Bolt depends on how much you wish to work. Similarly to Uber, the ride’s price comprises several components, such as riders’ demand, traffic (may change the ride’s fee if it’s much longer than expected), driver’s wait time fee, riders’ tips, and more. Note that Bolt doesn’t have monthly fees, but it does ask for a commission ranging from 10% to 20% of a ride fee. 

Bonus: If you wish to earn some money as a driver but don’t have a car, Bolt city teams can help you get one via the company’s partner fleets or rental businesses. 


Industry: rideshare  

Requirements: driver’s license, vehicle insurance, service provider card, vehicle card, eligible vehicle

Earnings: a minimum fare for UberX in Tallinn is €2.50 per ride

Uber is a global platform that provides an opportunity for individuals to earn money with ride-hailing and delivery by using their car.

While globally Uber offers more options of earning money, in Estonia, it’s driving. To become an Uber driver, you’ll need to sign up online. Upload all of the necessary documents (ID card, driver’s license, vehicle insurance, bank statement, profile photo), receive a service provider card and a vehicle card. Then make sure your vehicle is eligible for driving with Uber, and lastly – activate your account. 

Same as with other side gigs – your earnings depend on the amount of work you’re up for. However, the amount you earn for an Uber ride is made of several factors. You’ll earn a standard fare for each completed trip, which then can be topped according to rider demand, plus each city has a minimum trip earning – the lowest cost of any possible trip. 

Uber Driver app also has some in-app promotion options to help you receive more ride requests and earn more money. Note that not all drivers are eligible for all promotions as specified by Uber. Additionally, Uber’s Driver app has a long list of top-notch features that can help you earn more money. It sends alerts about rider-busy areas nearby, assists with trip planning by showing useful stats such as the ride demand by hours, provides navigation to find a request destination, and more.

When considering becoming a ride-hailing driver, it’s necessary to think through the security aspect as well. Insurance is a must, yet side-hustle taxi drivers don’t benefit from classical taxi insurance offers as you end up paying a lot more than you should. This can cut your earnings to a point when the side-gig is no longer profitable. 

With Cachet’s traffic insurance and Casco for ride-hailing drivers, you’ll only pay for the time you actually provide service. It’s comprehensive, it’s easy, and helps you earn more while being secure. Pay the taxi insurance for the hours you spend providing the service – when driving for personal purposes, a regular insurance premium will be applied. 

Earning extra money with deliveries

Bolt Food

Industry: food delivery

Requirements: 18+, fluent in Estonian or English, a smartphone with an Estonian number, a vehicle of your choice

Earnings: not specified

Delivery may not be the easiest side-hustle to take on for sure. But what can be more heart-warming than seeing the joy in the eyes of hungry people when they receive food? 

If you wish to have this type of satisfaction in your life, consider becoming a Bolt food courier.  To apply, you must be at least 18 years old, speak Estonian or English, and have a smartphone with an Estonian number. Additionally, you can choose to deliver the food by car, bicycle, motorbike, electric scooter, or a method that’s close to these but isn’t specified. However, you’ll be asked to indicate it at the sign-up.

Signing up to become a food courier is relatively easy, as you simply need to fill out a Google Form. Then you’ll receive an email with some additional questions, and afterwards will be informed whether you’ve been accepted for the job or not.

Earning money as a Bolt Food courier depends on many factors, such as number of deliveries you make, delivery distance, volume of orders, delivery expenses in case you’re using a car for the job, tips you receive, and more. 


Industry: food delivery 

Requirements: smartphone (Android or iOS), a vehicle of your choice (a driver’s license in case of a car), proof of right to work

Earnings: as seen on discussions online – €5-6/h (gross amount), but can differ depending on various factors

Another chance to bring people happiness in the form of food is going for a Wolt courier side-hustle. Freedom, flexibility, and competitive earnings are promised to those who choose this side gig option. Let’s take a closer look.

To get started as a Wolt courier partner, you’ll need a smartphone (iOS or Android) for the Wolt Partner app, a vehicle of your choice – bicycle, scooter, or car – with a driver’s license if it’s a car, ID and a proof of right to work. 

The application process can be completed online, which makes it easier to begin the food courier hustle. When you’re all set, the Wolt Partner app and your vehicle, of course, are your work tools. You can pre-book your working hours to receive a guaranteed income or simply work whenever you want to get paid based on the number of orders you deliver. 

Wolt’s courier earnings consist of a task fee + distance fee + tips from delivery receivers + weekly Wolt bonuses for an estimated amount of deliveries or working on weekends. Plus, there is an Availability Guarantee – a payment that couriers receive for being available on their scheduled delivery hours regardless of the number of deliveries.


Industry: package delivery  

Requirements: 18+, a vehicle of your choice, driver’s license

Earnings: Starting from 3 € per mission + long distance bonus 0,52 € per kilometer when distance to client is longer than 3 km. Base delivery earning will increase in busier times.

Ziticity is another side gig opportunity for those who see themselves being couriers. You can become a “Zitter” and earn some money by delivering all kinds of shipments – food, consumer goods, flowers, documents, and more – in your town. The options for delivery vehicles are bike, car, motorcycle, cargo bike, or a van.

To become a courier for Ziticity, you must be at least 18 years old and have your vehicle (and a driver’s license accordingly to the vehicle’s type). A simple sign-up form is available online, and after you’ve filled it up, the Ziticity team will send you an email with additional information. 

The sizes of shipments will be adjusted according to the vehicle you’re driving, and you can also work with different vehicles if you wish. Just remember to inform Ziticity so the system can select orders accordingly. 

Your earnings as a Zitter consist of a fixed fee for picking up the shipment + an additional cost depending on the delivery distance. Additionally, Ziticity offers a list of bonuses, and you’ll also be able to receive tips.

Fun fact – Ziticity says that the average delivery time for a shipment in Tallinn is 37 minutes. Can you do better? 

Worth knowing: Cachet is brewing a brand new insurance service designed specifically for delivery riders. Stay tuned to be the first one that gets the big news soon!

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