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City rider insurance gives eco-friendly riders a much-needed sense of security

When e-scooters first came out, it was clear that these were going to be a big hit in the world of sustainable transport. But this fast and convenient alternative also sparked new concerns about the increasing number of traffic accidents. The number of scooter accidents has tripled this year compared to the summer of 2020 and every day we hear about several e-scooter accidents.


Insurance is a normal part of good traffic culture

Our mission is to promote gig work and the sharing economy. A part of this is making sure that even in the worst-case scenario, paying for damages wouldn’t throw your normal day-to-day life into complete disarray. 

Accidents where a biker or an e-scooter rider hits another person or a car, causing damage that can amount to thousands of euros, happen every day. It is important to know that the rider is the one who has to cover the costs if they are at fault. 

In addition to the damage caused to others, the most delicate party, the rider, usually also ends up getting hurt. Most often it’s the head, the chest or the teeth that get injured. The latter are not covered by the health insurance fund.

Cachet has launched a city rider insurance, which focuses on the person, unlike the other bike and scooter insurances out there. This means that instead of insuring your rideable, you insure your own health and any damage you cause to others. An accident with your bicycle, e-scooter or any other city rider poses the greatest risk to you, the human. The other involved party may also suffer the same kind of damage.


What does the city rider insurance cover for you?

  • If you injure yourself by falling off a city rider, insurance will compensate you for your pain and suffering. In addition, it will help you cover up to 1,000 euros worth of treatment and physiotherapy costs.
  • Insurance will also cover the damage you cause to others with your city rider (e.g. scratching a car, bumping into another person).
  • You can get an insurance that is valid both when using personal as well as rented city riders.
  • City riders are bicycles and electric rideables (e-scooters, self-balancing scooters) as well as ordinary scooters and skateboards.


We give delivery riders a sense of security, even if an accident prevents them from working

For us it is important that gig workers also have decent opportunities to carry on with their daily lives even when they are unfit to work after an accident. Gig workers cannot just take a sick leave like people with a traditional employment contract.

City rider insurance for delivery riders helps to soften financial losses if a delivery rider gets injured in an accident and is unable to work as a result of it. A temporary health damage indemnity is of big help in such situations. The exact amount of it depends on the injury (see the health damage indemnity chart).


Safe driving starts with you

With this unique insurance, we do our bit to lend you a helping hand in the worst situations. But you should also do your best to avoid accidents by following these basic safety rules:

  • Always ride in places designated for it.
  • Do not exceed the maximum speed limit.
  • If you are younger than 16, wear a properly secured helmet.
  • Don’t carry objects that impede riding or pose a danger to other road users.
  • Don’t carry a passenger if the passenger is not seated in the passenger seat or if the vehicle is not designed for carrying passengers (e.g. electric rideables are designed to carry one person).
  • Always obey traffic rules.

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