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Cachet’s new look!

Stunning redesign, business accounts, and more!

As the dark winter slowly rears its dreary head, Cachet is fighting back with brightness and friendliness. From a new app redesign to allowing social logins – we’ve got lots of updates that will make Cachet more enjoyable and easier to use for users old and new.

What’s new with Cachet

Vibrant new look
Cachet users may have noticed that our mobile and web apps have received a bright and zippy new look. Don’t worry, the design is purely cosmetic – it’s still the same app that you’re already familiar with. Now it just looks better!

Improved onboarding for policy purchasing
We’ve replaced the boring forms with an engaging chat with our friendly and helpful virtual assistant. It will help you set up your new policy in an interactive and seamless manner and, before you know it, you’ll be ready to activate your new policy.

Introducing business accounts
Now, when you purchase a policy in your business’ name, we’ll automatically create a business account for you where you can manage your vehicles and receive invoices in your business name.

Register & log in to Cachet with social accounts
Users can now register and log into Cachet with their Facebook and Google accounts. This means fewer forms to fill out, fewer passwords to remember, and just less hassle in general.

That’s all for now. Drive safe!🚖

Cachet team

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