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Cachet to Insure Arval’s Bike Fleet in Poland

Let’s kick off the new year with excellent news. Arval, the full-service vehicle leasing company owned by BNP Paribas, has chosen Cachet as its micromobility insurance partner in Poland. Arval Service Lease Polska has been making waves in the Polish long-term bike rental market for a while. Since micromobility insurance is our passionate specialty, it was a match meant to happen.

Cachet led the development of these fleet-specific products for Arval in cooperation with Allianz Partners and HDI Embedded. Arval’s e-bike fleet and end users will now have purpose-built casco, personal accident, and third-party liability insurance available to them. Oh, and it comes without a sheet of paper in sight. Everyone deserves digital, paperless service.

But it’s not just about turning atoms into bits. As mobility evolves, insurance must keep up. For five years, we’ve been pushing the industry forward with personal, smart, data-driven, and flexibly-priced insurance. The Arval deal is another bit of proof that insurtech innovations are taking over. It’s a triple win for fleet operators, end users, and insurers alike.

The Cachet and Arval agreement wraps up a breakthrough year for micromobility in Poland. The country has seen a rapid post-pandemic rise in bike and scooter use – which supports and reflects a roaring platform economy and the shift from bike/scooter ownership to shared fleets. In 2023, Warsaw authorities announced an ambitious plan to transform its mobility model and become a 15-minute city. And, to toot our own horn, Cachet launched Bike and Scooter insurance, a market-leading product for Polish customers. 

With all that in mind, 2024 looks very promising. We’ll keep you posted on all the good stuff.

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