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Cachet arrives in Sweden! Happy to report an alliance with Wakam and contracts with Voi and Ryde.

We just can’t keep quiet any longer. A year of quiet preparation paid off. Cachet just launched in Sweden with Ryde and Voi as our first customers. Both e-scooter fleets are now covered by traffic insurance, as required by a new law. To bring the product to market, we partnered with Wakam, masters of digital and embedded insurance.

Swedish e-scooter laws have tightened a lot since September 2022. Everyone’s now used to strict parking rules, the sidewalk-riding ban, size caps on scooter fleets, etc. Since late December, however, certain e-scooters must also have traffic insurance. A perfect time to say hello.

Alliance with Wakam

We built our Swedish e-scooter insurance offering with Wakam, an innovative French insurance company with a footprint in 33 European countries. As Cachet cofounder and CEO Hedi Mardisoo puts it, emerging risks deserve proper attention and Wakam is the right partner for it.

“They’ve long been at the cutting edge of digital and embedded insurance across Europe,” Hedi says. “Cachet has deep expertise in creating smart, flexible insurance products in new, often overlooked, segments.” That adds up to plenty of new space for differentiation and growth.

Nearly 75% of Swedish rental e-scooters covered with Voi and Ryde

One doesn’t stop at an alliance, of course. One announces major customers as well: e-scooter operators Voi and Ryde

“Arriving with a bang,” according to Cache cofounder and COO Kalle Palling, “helps us make an immediate positive impact. A good chunk of Swedish scooters are now covered by our insurance, making traffic safer for everyone.” Between Voi and Ryde, 72% of Swedish rental e-scooters are covered with our fleet-specific traffic insurance. 

Vi är glada över att vara här. Tack, Sverige!

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