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Startup to scale-up: refreshed brand and revamped website

In 2018, the platform economy was shaking up the world of work. Every industry was being personalised. Insurance, not so much. When a flaw makes you welp, get yer boots on and help, as the Estonian saying (kind of) goes. That’s when we founded Cachet.

It’s been five years. This startup has matured. A rich line-up of personalised insurance products for the European platform economy. New markets. (Jak się masz, Polsko!) Partnerships with forward-looking titans of insurance. And customers on all kinds of wheels. 

Finally, insurance in the platform economy factors in real-life work habits and lifestyles. Smart data, transparency, fairness, flexibility, and personalisation have entered the chat. Mindblowingly obvious now, yet rare in 2018. Feels good to be among the gadflies and pioneers.

“Getting from startup to scale-up happens slowly, and then suddenly,” said our CEO Hedi Mardisoo. “Our trusty old site showed its age amid new content, features, and products for a wide variety of B2C and B2B customers. They must all find what they need, quickly. Our previous tone and style had to catch up, too.”

Wary of a mere how exercise, we also revisited the why of it all. A tight core, from value proposition(s) to brand story and promise, would inform a thousand choices downstream.


The task of creating a coherent whole fell upon Liisi Toots, our head of marketing. Three tasks, actually: the brand and site rethink would need to be effective, sound good, and look right. “Tight timelines, stakeholder collaboration, and creating an engaging and effective user experience took careful planning and hard work,” Liisi said. “Luckily, our partners dove deep into our business, delivered on time, and were great sports despite the pressures of this project.”

To align the sensey-soundy bits, she enlisted Villu Arak, who helps companies say what they mean. For the looky-goody part, Kevin Crepin from Tallinn-based DUX design studio led the CVI and website revamp, with illustrator Merike Tamm adding glimpses into a world worth gigging in.

“The Cachet brand now embodies the person-centric approach to insurance in the gig economy,” said DUX’s Kevin Crepin. “Cachet also believes customers should have full access to their insurance data. The visual identity emphasises that not only should you be in control, but that insurance doesn’t need to be dry and stuffy.”

“Cachet avoids insurance myopia and sees the broader benefits,” said Villu Arak. “With products for flexible work, it nudges things in a personal and more just direction – enabling trust, loyalty, and transparency in the platform economy, and reducing its inequity. All bankable benefits that help customers and the business. But you still need to sell product. We had to decide where the sizzle ends and the steak begins, find the right words, and toss the ballast. A lovely journey.”

Right now, we’re working on making fair and data-driven insurance accessible to everyone, not just those in the platform economy. It’ll happen. And it’ll be a very good day.

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