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Now Available: Personal Accident Insurance for Bike and Scooter Riders

It’s a happy day at Cachet. We’ve launched a product that provides market-leading accident cover for Polish couriers and other bike and scooter riders, whether they’re at home or abroad. PAI for Riders is available for purchase immediately on the web at cachet.me, as well as in our iOS and Android apps.


In partnership with Allianz Partners, PAI provides compensation for bodily injuries, medical expenses, and loss of income due to disability or death. 


10 000 zł covers costs just 18zł per year – one latte at a nice cafe. 20 000 zł protection is available for 36zł per year. Bike PAI covers gig work as well as personal rides. Coverage isn’t limited to Polish territory, either. It travels with the customer, anywhere in the world.


“In the expanding platform economy, many people, particularly last-mile delivery couriers, have been risking potentially costly accidents without a proper safety net. They’re the backbone of on-demand services, but have been dangerously exposed. Luckily, that is now over.” said Danuta Żukowska, Cachet’s General Manager CEE.


Accidents are always unexpected, you never have them until you’re having them. Still, there are common risks that can often be mitigated by good street manners and paying attention:


  • Weather: slippery, snowy, and rainy conditions often contribute to accidents
  • Distracted riding: too much focus on their phones leaves less attention to the road 
  • Drivers: often, drivers fail to notice cyclists in time to avoid a collision
  • Bad roads: potholes, debris, drainage covers, or simply poor road maintenance
  • Mechanical faults: Failing brakes or other fault with the courier’s bike or scooter


Cachet’s novel insurance products are designed to fit the changing work and lifestyles. Drivers and riders now have flexible coverage options that weren’t available just a couple of years ago. The launch of Bike PAI is another example, how traditionally slow-moving insurance is transformed by digital innovation.


Get insured, ride responsibly, and have fun out there!

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