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Cachet Expands to Finland, Signs up Most Scooter Platforms

We’ve made a splash in Finland, folks! As a new law requires e-scooter fleets to have traffic insurance, we’ve signed up no fewer than eight fleet operators. That’s Bird, Bolt, TIER-Dott, Hopp Åland, JoeScooter, Ryde, Swup, and Voi. For the launch, Cachet extended its alliance with Wakam, the digital and embedded insurance leader from France.

The broad sweep in Finland cements Cachet’s position at the forefront of smart insurance solutions for micromobility and the platform economy in Northern and Central Europe. (Soon, we’ll have even more markets to announce.)

As the riding season is well under way, it was critical to make traffic insurance available to as many shared e-scooters as possible. After securing 72% of shared e-scooters in Sweden with Voi and Ryde, signing up most active platforms in Finland makes a huge impact.

Cachet built its offering with Wakam, an innovative French insurance company with a footprint in 32 countries. They are our partner in Sweden as well.

Cachet’s technology eases the handling of claims. It cuts time and cost while refining the user experience when something happens. In addition, our data and analytics engines help fleet managers to detect mobility and accident patterns. This can help lower the likelihood of accidents in the first place, potentially saving both lives and property.

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