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Scooter insurance

Scooter insurance

That’s a cool ride you got! Thieves may like it, too. Ok, locks and alarms may keep baddies at bay. But damage from even minor riding accidents can be costly to repair. Let insurance worry about that. Your ride is covered.

Why get scooter insurance from Cachet?

Covers scooters and electric scooters up to 40000 in value. That means even top-shelf electric scooters can be insured.

Covers both private and business rides. Rent your scooter to others? Same thing, still covered. If it’s a scooter, we’ll insure it!

Fair price. Your cost is adjusted to the value of your two-wheeler. Makes almost too much sense, doesn’t it?

Street thefts are covered. Location doesn’t matter, nor does the type of lock. If your scooter is stolen, you’ll be compensated.

Theft isn’t the only loss out there. If your scooter is damaged or destroyed in an accident, we’ll help you out.

Everything happens online. Insurance isn’t any different. Don’t waste time and get it online. It’s simple when it’s simple.

This insurance is for you if ...

Frequently Asked Questions

If you need more assistance, contact our help center. Let’s get your issue sorted.

It covers ordinary theft, burglary, robbery, total and partial damage to the scooter as a result of an accident.

At Cachet, you can insure electric or human-powered scooters.

As a rule, we do not require the use of specific security devices. Of course, we still recommend that you use them.

One app, one place for all your insurance stuff

Get the Cachet app to buy, track and renew your policies. File claims here as well, just like insurance gods intended.

Leave fire hoops to the circus. Access your data like a normal person.

Personalised insurance leans on learning about your lifestyle and track record on the road. It’s how we ensure that you’re not slapped with unfair premiums.
Yes, insurers have always kept records to assess your risk. But Cachet does it to serve you. Inspired by the platform economy, we provide new and flexible kinds of coverage. And no hocus-pocus with customer data. You can easily check what we know about you. Transparency, not hoops.

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