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Transform Fleet Operations with Cachet Mobility

Modern cities need efficient and shared mobility solutions. Rapid urbanization has spurred changes in how people live, commute and work, making mobility critical to how urban lifestyles evolve. With more congestion, personal transport modes lose their allure, paving the way for the growing significance of shared-mobility services.

Running a fleet isn’t without its headaches

Whether it’s bikes, scooters, or cars; fleet platforms help meet the need for shared transportation. More demand promises more revenue, but the human factor adds complexities. First, driver skills and behaviors vary – a significant headache for fleet managers. Then there’s dealing with claims, rising insurance premiums, and the fact that vehicles off the street due to repairs bleed money instead of earning it. Handling all that requires precision. Without proper tools, it’s time-consuming and inefficient. Let’s explore how Cachet Mobility can support you.

Intelligent driver-verification system

A fleet’s success hinges on the reliability and performance of its drivers. Cachet Mobility introduces a driver-rating mechanism that lets you reward good drivers and identify reckless ones. This minimizes claims and costs, enabling a more cost-effective and efficient operation. The system not only improves a fleet’s safety and reliability, but the overall experience for drivers and customers as well.

Claims are inevitable. Stress isn’t.

Cachet Mobility streamlines the claims process. It’s digital and seamless, enabling swift and informed decisions.

Key Features

Real-time overview: a comprehensive snapshot of the details and current status of each claim. It includes information about the vehicle and driver, the specific location, and the current status of the claim. Real-time visibility gives fleet owners all the data they need to decide and act without delay.

Automated notifications and approval: Never miss a filed claim. As soon as a claim is submitted, the system alerts the fleet operator who can review and verify the accuracy of each claim before it is sent to the insurer. This ensures that all information is correct, reducing mix-ups and facilitating a smoother claims process.

Efficient fleet-insurance management

Insurance is pivotal to navigating a fleet’s risks and securing its financial stability. However, scattered data and inefficient practices often lead to all shared vehicles being seen as high-risk assets. This results in higher premiums for the entire fleet. Cachet Mobility introduces a unified digital platform to consolidate scattered data, optimize risk assessment, and bring true efficiency to fleet-insurance management.

Key Features

Unified Digital Platform: A central hub that harmonizes fragmented data and enables fair, data-driven insurance pricing. Using a variety of insurance partners, the system identifies the best available offer for the full fleet – at the click of a button.

Instant adjustments: Effective fleet operations are adaptable. Cachet Mobility enables instant policy adjustments. Whether you’re adding new vehicles or modifying existing insurance policies, the platform ensures swift updates that reflecting your evolving needs.

Unified monthly payments: Simplify financial management with consolidated insurance payments for all vehicles. Cachet Mobility streamlines them, providing a transparent overview of monthly financial obligations.

Want to know more about how Cachet Mobility can help streamline or scale your fleet business? To get the attention you deserve, please book a demo.

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