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Reckless Driving Hurting Your Fleet? Cachet Mobility Can Help.

Running a fleet has its challenges. Reckless driving adds more claims, irresponsible drivers raise operational costs – we get it. Let’s see how Cachet Mobility’s driver verification tackles these problems and changes the game for fleet managers.

Dealing with reckless driving

Fleet managers grapple with the aftermath of reckless driving: safety concerns, increased claims, repair costs, and downtime. A vehicle in repair isn’t earning revenue. That’s why we built Cachet Mobility’s Driver Verification. The advanced rating system identifies and rewards good driving, spots reckless drivers, and promotes responsible habits. The result? Fewer claims, lower costs, and a healthier bottom line. It also helps to avoid insurance premium spikes.

Driver onboarding and monitoring, transformed

With Cachet Mobility, onboarding drivers is a breeze. Fleet managers can easily upload drivers directly or send invites through the system. Telematics lets you monitor their ratings based on how they treat your vehicles. All of a sudden, risk assessment also helps build a culture of responsibility. Make informed decisions about who handles your assets, use data to implement targeted training, and reward responsible behavior. A win for safety helps forge long-term relationships with drivers who care.

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