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Meet our CTO Joosep Lall

What brought you to Cachet?
I had been working in IT for 7 years. Hedi was looking for developers to build the MVP version of Cachet. A friend recommended me to her. I started out as a contractor. Two months later the MVP was ready. After that, I started working in Cachet.

What gets you out of bed in the morning?
Children, pets, and coffee. But overall I’m responsible for ensuring that everything works technically, nothing is stalled on the development side, and the team can always rely on me.

The advancements in technology affect the insurance industry as well. What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed over here?
There’s more interest in using data. However, this is still a challenge for bigger insurance companies, they can’t keep up with Cachet in that regard at the moment. I haven’t noticed any major changes in consumer behaviour in Estonia. In Poland, on the other hand, the insurance industry is just now entering the digital age – it’s not yet that common to purchase insurance policies online.

How has your job in Cachet changed over time?
My role has changed as the team has grown. Now I no longer write code myself, but rather oversee development processes and provide support to the team. Leading the team is a cool new challenge.

If you could swap roles with a colleague for a day, who would you pick?
A developer… :D. Someone from the sales team to understand processes and clients better. Currently I have little contact with B2B clients.

What’s your advice for newcomers who are considering joining Cachet?
Working in a startup requires a different mindset. Not everything is always perfect or ready. Sometimes you have to do things that are out of your comfort zone.

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How many insurance policies do you have?
Five. The most common ones, nothing special – home, car, etc.

What type of vehicle do you use most often for commuting?
Unfortunately, a car, since I live outside of the city and the public transport doesn’t cover the commute very well yet.

What type of a vehicle would you prefer to use for commuting?
E-scooter. It’s very convenient as you don’t have to worry about parking space.

Has your vehicle ever had a nickname?

What do you listen to on your commute?
Lately I’ve been listening to The Weeknd’s “After Hours”. Goes perfectly with driving.

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