Cachet changes how we approach insurance

Insurance is something that is required for every vehicle and driver. The way that traditional insurance currently works has become outdated and is often unfair to the driver. Until Cachet arrived, there was no product on the market that was adjusted to the new technologies and changes in the economy.

Our insurance is quick, digital and customized to your driving schedule.

Take a look at our offers and let us calculate a personal plan for you. One that matches your style and rides.

Who do you drive for? Bolt, Uber or Yandex.taxi? Quite possibly you use several of them. In this day and age, drivers decide their own taxi schedule. But for some reason, insurance is still calculated the same way for all drivers. Cachet takes into account your working hours and offers you insurance based on your individual work schedule.

Ride-hailing traffic insurance

  • Calculated based on how much you actually drive
  • Up to five times cheaper than what everybody else currently offers
  • Displays your insurance history
  • Easy to claim, meaning it’s fast and digital

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Ride-hailing casco insurance

We also offer casco insurance for drivers and their four-wheeled friends. Similarly to our traffic insurance, casco insurance is calculated based on every driver’s working hours.

  • Calculated based on your work schedule, which means it has the best price on the market
  • Offers low deductible
  • Replacement car from day one, because you may need to keep driving
  • Easy to issue a claim

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Cachet offers excellent traffic insurance and convenient services also to regular drivers who don’t cooperate with Bolt, Uber or Yandex.

Traffic insurance

  • Fast and fully digital buying process
  • Easily accessible digital wallet, that keeps your policies in one place
  • Reminders
  • Quick and smooth accident reporting

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Casco insurance

Cachet will also change the future or casco insurance. We offer more user-friendly monthly payment plans. We manage all risks sensibly, which means that your insurance excess is not outrageous.

  • Great price and can be claimed digitally
  • Flexible payment schedule, meaning that the total sum of monthly payments does not exceed the sum otherwise paid once a year
  • Offers low deductible
  • Stores all your policies safely in one place where they are easily accessible for you

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Take the first step and let Cachet draw up an insurance plan offer for you. Whether you drive people around or strike out on your own, Cachet will make you look at insurance differently. Create an account and let’s go!