We have good news

We’re now collaborating with six insurance providers

Our network is expanding. Cachet is just so sweet, that more and more providers want to partner with us. It means more flexibility to your will and wishes.


Let’s just say – you need to see these deals.

Why is it smart to insure with Cachet?

Private client

Cachet creates a new insurance experience. With the Cachet app, your policies are always in order.


Claim filing reports, automatic payments and policy renewals – all are easy to access and quick to use.

Apptaxi driver

In Cachet, various iInsurance providers will calculate your apptaxi insurance price by the hours you choose to drive. It is a unique solution where every driver gets a price offer  determined by the hours one provides apptaxi service

The future of insurance is you

What are you up to? Working remotely, driving a car, renting out your house, shooting fishing or yoga videos? As can be seen, you’re doing a lot of things, for some of which you use web platforms. You’re scheduling your own time and increasing your income. You’re taking advantage of flexible work – supported by Cachet!


Cachet is your sense of security when you do your own thing.

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Casco insurance

Coming soon!

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