What does ka-shey mean?

We stand for fair insurance for cars and drivers, which naturally means that we have our own story to tell. A simple story, which is at once beautiful, straightforward and full of action.

Shout out “ka-shey“!

Did that put a smile on your face? Shout one more time… Of course, it did, it works on all of us!

The feeling is the same as when a friendly influential face smiles at you and takes care of all your problems with a single snap of their fingers.

Even though we are a digital company, we want to be there for you as humans with those same finger snaps and smiles. A single snap and car insurance is sorted — for the driver, for the client, for the insurance carrier.



Our story

Cachet was set in motion in September 2018 when Hedi and Kalle realised that things can’t continue the way they have been. Innovation should always bring about shifts in focus and individual solutions. Cachet stands for personalised insurance that takes into account individual car usage and driving habits, helping to promote and boost the sharing economy.

In other words, we give people a chance to insure their cars hassle-free. The world is changing. The taxi business is changing. Insurance is changing. And anyone who can roll with the times will always have a pocketful of ka-shey!

What role does insurance play in our lives?


Hedi Mardisoo


“We arrived at Cachet (ka-shey) when we were pondering over this exact question. Insurance needs to be personalised, which can be achieved thanks to modern technology and data analysis. You can personalise the provision of any service if you take a look at past data and take into account a person’s lifestyle. This is the only way to come up with a fair price. Every one of us is special, we all have individual driving styles and insurance needs.

A personalised insurance offer for ride-hailing drivers is directly linked with the time they actually spend providing service in their car and this usually differs completely from driver to driver. Some drive 13 hours a month, some 130, everyone has their own work schedule. Of course, there are other nuances to consider as well, from car brands to lifestyle. All people, and therefore drivers, are different and they cannot all be measured by the same yardstick.

In short, with the right kind of data processing and good partners, it is possible to offer every driver affordable and personal insurance.”

The new digital economy is reshaping the insurance products


Kalle Palling


“Sharing economy is not just about some nice people snapping their fingers somewhere, it is also something that the world really needs. Why? The reason is very simple. Carpooling is far better for the environment than everyone driving their own cars. We are passionate about fighting for the environment and making big things happen.

Right now there’s a lot of confusion in the air and we need to rearrange our lives. This also goes for the insurance business. Thanks to the inevitable triumph of the sharing economy, we have arrived at a point where no one knows exactly what is insured and how. This confusion needs to be cleared up and Cachet has a solution.”

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Come and work with us!

We are a rapidly growing and forward-looking InsurTech startup company with a lot of bark and a whole lot of bite since we actually do change people’s lives. We are looking for talented and passionate people who would like to make the insurance business more personal with us. At the moment, we have the following vacancies: